Fusionhaa July Update

Hello friends,

Summer pre-gencon gaming has traditionally been slow for updates and news.  Dan and I are working on dramatically improving the audio quality by upping our recording game.  This has unexpectedly delayed us with updates because we’re having to learn to use new software and how to get us from the garage to studio-quality.  No plans are in place at this time to improve the quality of the content.  In fact we are considering lengthening the new “name every crayon” segment in future episodes.

Looking ahead to Gencon in August, Fusionhaa did not request press badges this year; however Dan will be attending and we will be bringing back news from the convention after it’s over.

Mid-September we will be corresponding from Protospiel Chicago 2017 attempting our first on-site recordings with anyone we can find that will talk to us at this up and coming game design convention.

In Splotter news – Through what I can only assume is dark sorcery, Dan acquired a copy of Greed Incorporated (2009)! We haven’t gotten to play it yet, but after checking out the components and rules, we’re both ready to vertically integrate pro-active day-to-day operational paradigms. Synergy.


Thanks for keeping up with us, we’ll see you next time.



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