FusionHaa-Cast Episode 5: ANA’s new Alliance, CMON’s MAPP, and Splotter Reprints

Episode 5 on Soundcloud

Show Notes

1. What did we play this week?
2. FusionHaa-cast Cup Update
3. Board game News: ANA/Alliance and CMON
4. Kickstarter’s we like
5. Community Segment
6. Clay Crucible
7. Splotter Reprints

Puzzle Strike

The Bird Told Me To Do It

Patchwork (literally can’t recommend it enough)


Food Chain Magnate



ANA/Alliance Announcement

CMON MAPP Announcement

Zombicide: Green Horde on Kickstarter

1066: Tears to Many Mothers on Kickstarter

Dinosaur Island on Kickstarter

Rising Sun on Kickstarter

Clay Crucible Catan

Harle Games Patreon

A rare picture of Splotter elves slaving away on copies of Roads & Boats.



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