Designer Diary 4/6/2017- CLL

Modern board games are thriving, exciting new mechanics and games are being developed and introduced to the gaming world with increasing frequency.

Not all games are for everyone, and by extension, some players are more proficient at certain types of games. How do you reconcile the differences in taste and game style preferences across a group of gamers?

Is it possible?

Project Codename: CLL is the working title of an asymmetrical, thematic, and cooperative tactical combat game, wherein each player will control a character which uses it’s own unique set of mechanics to interact with the world.

It is the natural evolution in immersive gameplay.  Why should unique character archetypes be forced to play in the same way as everyone else?

A scrappy rogue would draft cards from a limited pool to string together combos in an opportunistic fashion — meanwhile the Oracle rolls bones and matches symbols to tell the future, and the Ranger player is putting their real life tracking skills to the test by matching animal tracks.

Teamwork is about bringing together people with a diverse range of skills to achieve a common goal.  To be successful in CLL, you won’t just need a diverse range of characters, you will need a diverse range of gamers.