Is Your Jnet Safe? – A Heartbreaking Window into The Life of Jnet’s Beloved Developer

Every night, long after the Hearthstone players have had their warm milk and been tucked safely into bed – the Netrunner players come out to play.  is their playground

Netrunner owes its success as a live card game to the online community that adopted it early on and nursed the game’s growing community through its awkward early phases before it was popular enough to have the thriving local communities that we have today.

In those days, it was DB0’s OCTGN definition that connected us together, complete with sound effects and automated cards, OCTGN’s interface proved to be a difficult barrier for some to overcome.  For those players, Minh Tran’s was a godsend.

MTGred and his dev team have continued to evolve Jnet, and today it is the battleground of choice for Netrunners.  For many players, it is an essential part of their hobby, allowing them to play anytime, anywhere (frequently at work) to get their fix between game nights.

It is an incredible service that is being offered to us for free, created by people who love the game as much as we do, unfortunately, the nature of these things is that our developers often only hear from us when there is a problem.

Late last night on Jnet, players experienced an outage in their games, and reached out to MTGred for help.  After checking out a new batch of spoilers MTGred popped into the chatroom to express some of his thoughts:

There is a struggle unique to programmers and developers where the great things that they create are so often overshadowed by flaws/bugs/crashes/whatever because that becomes the day-to-day, you have already created a fantastical playground where people from THE ENTIRE WORLD can meet and enjoy some Netrunner together… but right now I have to reboot it because a thing happened.

In spite of being fatigued with the current state of the game, Minh and the Jnet team persisted in developing and maintaining this amazing site.

Let’s all tweet some much needed love to @MTGred and let him know how much we appreciate his work and how important Jnet is to all of us.

If you wish to donate to Minh to thank him for his hard work, he originally accepted donations through Paypal to









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