Modern Rigshooter (2nd place russian national, 31 players)

GRNDL: Power Unleashed
Agenda (9)

1x Eden Fragment

3x Government Contracts

1x Hades Fragment

3x Hostile Takeover

1x Priority Requisition
Asset (2)

2x Jackson Howard   ••
Upgrade (5)

2x Corporate Troubleshooter   ••

1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

2x Marcus Batty   ••••• •
Operation (15)

3x Beanstalk Royalties

3x Hedge Fund

3x Interns

3x Power Shutdown

3x Restructure

Barrier (8)

1x Bastion

1x Ice Wall

3x Spiderweb

3x Wall of Static
Code Gate (4)

2x Enigma

2x Wormhole
Sentry (6)

3x Archer

3x Grim

10 influence spent (max 10)

21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to The Underway
Decklist published on

Now here is a deck of the week I actually like.  Program trashing as a strategy is probably the worst that it has ever been.  Not only are the most successful runners packing multiple effects to return programs to play, we’re in a metagame where it’s not at all uncommon for runners to plan on levying and rolling through their deck a second time.

This particular deck comes from a long tradition of Weyland shooter+money combos going all the way back to the core set, and probably saw a bit of a bump from the release of cards like will-o-wisp, from reviewing NRDB’s deck histories I see only a few weyland decks in this vein that seemed to have any measure of success, making this one a bit more unique than the usual front pagers.

So really the game plan here is to lock down your servers early with ETRs so your sentries are more credible as threats – where other, better decks will use that gear check to score out agendas – Weyland doesn’t have the luxury of having good agendas, so it settles for making some money instead, hoping to turn it into a troubleshooter backed score later.

You absolutely could, and probably should find the 1 card slot it would take to trade 2 of your 3 pointers into a set of Atlas’s – it’s easy to score, pressures your opponent, and if it’s christmas or your birthday and you can somehow over-advance it – getting a marcus out of your deck when you want seems good.

While we’re changing cards, strongly consider swapping IDs.  GRNDL with snares and sea sources almost makes for a credible argument for playing GRNDL over any other weyland ID; however this deck is doing nothing with it’s GRNDL money except casting Restructures.  The lack of a flatline combo means you can’t realistically do anything to the runner before you are setup – Sentry+money+troubleshooter+reason to run a remote is itself a big combo and you are just giving the runner a lot of runs at archives to free-install things off of clone chip and street peddler.  Yes the runner cannot use your bad pub to trash assets, but it’s extremely easy to punish the corps for taking bad pub and it will backfire on you while you draw for gear check and upgrades.

The deck’s agenda package is begging for Jackson, swapping IDs just for that missing point of influence is worth it 100%.

I get that you want to luck-sack into your 4 card agenda rush combo, but you need to score a hostile takeover before you can rez archers, and your install-advance-advances are much less scary if you can’t Archer me and ETR right there.  Needless to say this is a high variance deck, and not in a good way.  The bad publicity opener is going to make your life much more difficult than 5 credits is going to make it easier.

But if that’s the game you want to play, go all in! play government takeover and spend your deck slot on a will-o-wisp.  I guarantee that this deck will occasionally have scoring windows big enough to table a takeover — I do not guarantee that getting it stolen will lose you the game less often, but no half-measures I say.

One piloting error that I see made on a regular basis that is worth noting here is the use of wormhole.  Wormhole is hella-hard to break, and it even lands outside of the reach of the fabled Atman-6 anti-archer play that Shapers like to make.  Your wormholes are literally extra copies of grim with some added “surprise: this costs a lot to deal with even if you have a gordian” factor.

Treasure your wormholes. Be scientific with their placement if you want to get good value out of them, install them as you would a grim. Don’t advance them for no reason.  If you advance a piece of ICE, it’s no longer a surprise, it’s value plummets, and you’ve just overpaid for an enigma. No, we don’t think it’s an orion.

Realistically, I am expecting a wormhole, and if it’s an icewall I am pleasantly surprised, I’m not going in there without a d4vid, and you’re not going to surprise-trash something unless I want you to. Don’t advance your wormholes if there is an opportunity for a trash.

So cover your centrals and may RNGesus be with you, because there is no way to not trash things when you are running this deck. In Soviet Russia, ICE trash parasite.


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